A red light district is a neighborhood where prostitution and other businesses in the sex industry flourish. The term “red light district” was first recorded in the United States in 1894, in an article in The Sentinel, a newspaper in Milwaukee. Other mentions from the 1890s are numerous, and located all over the United States. The famous Red light district of Amsterdam is called “De Wallen”.
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There are a lot of tour operators who offer Amsterdam Tours. But which one is better than his competitor? How do you choose between all these operators. The Amsterdam Tours can be divided in area of interests. Do you like a walking tours, bike tours, canal cruises or museums. I’ll give you a selection of some great Amsterdam Tours.
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Ajax Amsterdam

You can’t have a website about Amsterdam without writing about AFC Ajax Amsterdam. The soccer club was founded on March 18, 1900. Ajax Logo and is one of the largest and most storied clubs in European football. Ajax won their first National Championship in 1918. From that point on Ajax could always be found at or near the top of the Dutch table. Nowadays Ajax is still the biggest club in the Netherlands and is known for their excellent youth academy. With manager Marco van Basten Ajax is still in the race for the Dutch championship as they continue their pursuit of AZ Alkmaar.

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Quarter Special: Osdorp

A new post in the Quarter Special category. This time our spotlight quarter is Osdorp. In Holland Osdorp is known for the band Osdorp Posse, the first Dutch hiphop band. We also know Osdorp because there is a weather station located there. Furthermore in March of 2007 the quarter was named as ‘Probleemwijk’ (= Dutch for bad neighborhood) by the recently dismissed Secretary of Integration and Housing: Ella Vogelaar.
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Sinterklaas Amsterdam 2008In a lot of western countries people celebrate Christmas with Santa Claus. What a lot of people don’t know is that this famous happy guy from the North pole is based on the tale of Sinterklaas, a tradition from The Netherlands.

According to the tale Sinterklaas is a guy from Spain that comes to the Netherlands accompanied by his Black Pete’s (Zwarte Pieten) late November, to celebrate his birthday on 5th December by giving presents to the kids. Sinterklaas rides a big white horse and brings the presents by riding that horse on the roofs and dropping the presents in the chimneys or putting them in the kid’s shoes. Continue Reading »

Quarter Special: The Jordaan

I’ve decided to add a new series of articles to this weblog about Amsterdam. There are several characteristic quarters in Amsterdam and they all tell a unique piece of history about Amsterdam.

The Jordaan

The Jordaan is definitely the quarter which is the most romantic. There are all kind of songs and poems inspired by this romantic quarter of Amsterdam. The story of the origin of it’s name is a really nice one.

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When your staying in Amsterdam, you’ll need to have dinner (or lunch). Here you can find five cool restaurants, where you don’t go just to grab a bite, but also have a great dining experience. French, Indonesian, African, historical;  it’s all present in Amsterdam!

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If you intend to travel to Amsterdam, you’ll need a place to stay. The nature of your stay will affect the kind of accommodation you’ll stay in. If your going to Amsterdam on business, you’ll probably stay in a hotel in Amsterdam. But if your going to enjoy a holiday in Amsterdam you may choose for a more relaxing place to sleep. Or why not sleep in a houseboat? How cool is that?
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Car free day in Amsterdam

Last Sunday we had a car free day in Amsterdam. This all under the motto “Move healthy in a clean City”. People could not by car or engine of the ring A10 to the area within the ring A10 between 10.00 and 17.00. And there where over 100 activities on the streets of Amsterdam.

See these pictures for a short impression of the Amsterdam Car Free day 2008!

Why the Dutch wear Orange

If you ever watched the Dutch soccer team play or visited Amsterdam during Queens day, you might wonder why we all dress in Orange. Especially because the colours of our flag are red, white and blue. Why not dress up in those colours right?

Well, Orange is the colour of our Royal Family, who are called ‘Oranje-Nassau’, and the Dutch word ‘Oranje’ means ‘Orange’. They have played a central role in the political life of the Netherlands since William I of Orange (“William the Silent”) organized the Dutch revolt against Spanish rule, which after the Eighty Years’ War led to an independent Dutch state.
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