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Sinterklaas Amsterdam 2008In a lot of western countries people celebrate Christmas with Santa Claus. What a lot of people don’t know is that this famous happy guy from the North pole is based on the tale of Sinterklaas, a tradition from The Netherlands.

According to the tale Sinterklaas is a guy from Spain that comes to the Netherlands accompanied by his Black Pete’s (Zwarte Pieten) late November, to celebrate his birthday on 5th December by giving presents to the kids. Sinterklaas rides a big white horse and brings the presents by riding that horse on the roofs and dropping the presents in the chimneys or putting them in the kid’s shoes. (more…)

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canals of amsterdamAmsterdam is often referred to as the ‘Venice of the North’ because it has so many canals and bridges. But why does Amsterdam have all these canals and what are the most important ones?
A short history of the Herengracht, the Keizersgracht, the Prinsengracht and other parts of the inner city of Amsterdam.

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